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Cool Mats & Covers
Cool Mats & Covers
Cool Mats & Covers

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Cool Mats & Covers

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Do you have a cool mat but your dog hardly uses it?

If you suspect your dog, like our own, aren't using the mat because they don't like the plastic/rubbery material, you have to try our covers!

Made from natural cotton you can still feel the cooling effect of the mat. The cover has a separate, removable pad that lays floor-side to make it extra comfy for your dog to lie on. 

*the cool mat should lay under the cotton cover nearest your dog, with the pad underneath / next to the floor*

Within 24 hours of trying the cover & pad with our own dogs our cool mat had been used more than in the previous 4 years!

If you have an existing mat and just need the cover:

Please measure your cool mat and select the appropriate size from the list, then enter the exact sizes of your mat in the box at checkout - we will make them to fit your mat.

The covers and pad are all machine washable at 30c, then line dry.

Save with our 2 cover bundle, so you can use one while the other is in the wash!

Cool Mat Set - Includes All For Paws Self-Cooling Mat

For the complete set including an All For Paws Self-Cooling mat please select one of the 'Cool Mat Sets'

Medium = 50cm x 40cm

Large = 90cm x 60cm