Premium Check Blankets
Premium Check Blankets
Premium Check Blankets
Premium Check Blankets

Designed for Dogs

Premium Check Blankets

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These luxurious blankets are handmade in the UK and the perfect addition for your home; protect your sofa or car seat, they are also ideal to pack and take away with you so your dog has the comfort of home wherever they go.

The double-sided blankets feature a super sturdy tartan fabric on one side, the other is a soft faux-sheepskin fleece, warm and cosy for your dog to snuggle in to.

Size Guide

Small = 50 cm x 65 cm
Medium = 75 cm x 75 cm
Medium / Large = 75 cm x 100 cm
Large = 100 cm x 120 cm


Personalise your item with up to 10 characters embroidered onto your blanket. Standard alphabet A - Z. Please allow up to 1 week for dispatch of embroidered items.

Care Instructions

Blankets are fully machine washable at 30 degrees then line dry.