Read Our Fluffy Family's blog of our Luxury Blanket & Mattress Bed:

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Luxury Blanket and Mattress Bed

Read Maddie & Family's blog of our memory foam bed, and how it has helped her since her operation:

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Luxury Memory Foam Dog Bed

Luxury Dog Blanket

Very soft and pretty fabric. They look fabulous in our caravan! Beautifully packaged and quickly delivered - thank you!

(Luxury Double Sided Blankets)

"This is the second bed I have bought as my pair kept falling out over the first one. Both of my dogs are elderly but they have had so much more energy from having these supportive beds."

(Small & Medium Mattress Bed)

"Amazing. Just what we needed. Went back for another!"

(Waterproof Liners)

"Our Rhodesian Ridgebacks love their beds! And the colour suits the room perfectly. We couldn't be happier with them, thank you."

(XL Pillow Beds)

Extra Large Pillow Dog Beds

"I'm really pleased with the beds I ordered. I looked for ages for some beds in a quirky fabric that actually went with the interior of my house. They are well worth the money as they are such good quality and durable plus the dogs love them as they are so plump and comfy. Will definitely order more products, really impressed."

(Large Pillow Beds)


 Large Pillow Dog Bed

 Wicker Settee Dog Bed

"Ethel and Ernie are inseparable from their bed. It is one of our best investments."

(Medium Settee Bed)

"This bed is so comfy that Brian stopped jumping on the sofa. It's really well made and beautiful. I got a second cover so I can swap when I need to wash one of them. I'm really pleased with it. Also it was delivered really fast. I love it." 

(Large Pillow Bed) 

Large Pillow Dog Bed