Lockdown activities for your dog

Paws across the land are enjoying having their humans with them 24/7 during lockdown, however, we can easily get distracted as our home habits have changed with many of us adapting to working from home.  

Do you find that your dog often looks bored and fed up? Watching their humans staring at a computer screen, dealing with customers and taking calls is not the most fun a dog can have!!

It's so easy to get distracted and lost in work that we can neglect giving our doggies the attention they deserve swell as ourselves.

So it's important to take a step back, switch off and free up some valuable time to spend with your pooch. You will feel so much better for it and so will your dog!

Here is a list of things to do with your dog to keep you both stimulated, active and happy:

EXERCISE - A walk at least once a day in the fresh air has a positive impact both physically and mentally for you and your dog. Different scents keeps your dog on their toes as they explore new surroundings keeping them alert and chasing the odd squirrel!

TRICKS - Their are lots of great sites on the internet where you can get free trick training ideas to practice with your dog. It keeps your dog mentally active, strengthens your bond as well as giving you satisfaction that your dog has learnt a new trick to wow your friends! 

PLAY TIME - Playing ball and tuggy keep dogs happy, active and stimulated. It gives them some fun time with their human and it's great to mix up walks and playtime so your dogs get a good balance of activity types.  

OBEDIENCE TRAINING - Use lockdown as a great time to teach your dog some useful commands such as WAIT, HEEL, SIT, COME etc. Some of these skills can be a life saver when out and about on walks when you see danger and you need them to stop.

BAKING - Baking for your doggy is relaxing, cheap and you can create some great healthy low cost treats. It's very satisfying making them something that they love and enjoy.

EXTRA CUDDLE TIME - During these dark nights there is nothing better than to curl up on the sofa with your pooch for cuddles and a cuppa! Make the most of these special moments. 

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