With another lockdown the majority of us are now working from home which is looking to be the norm for a lot of companies as it's cost effective, staff are working more efficiently and it promotes a better work life balance without the long daily commutes.

This is fantastic news for our dogs, and if they are anything like our two, Rocky and Buster, they will want to make themselves comfortable wherever you are!

Just like with any working day, it's good to create structure and plan your 'To do list' to ensure you are at your most productive and your doggies are comfortable and relaxed so they don't get vocal during those all important business meeting zoom calls!!!

SWAP YOUR COMMUTE FOR A WALK IN THE LOCAL PARK - Use the time you would usually spend commuting by going on a long dog walk. This will set you both up for the day as exercise will help stimulate you mentally so you will be motivated to crack on with your workload. Your paws will have used up lots of energy and feel happy and content ready for a good long snooze in the office.

DOG PROOF YOUR OFFICE  - Make sure electrical wires are tucked safely away from paws and little teeth if your pooch has a habit of chewing things that they shouldn't! They can also be a trip hazard for you both.

Make sure Printers, laptops, computers and anything loose and heavy are sat securely on your desk so it can't be knocked off and cause harm to your dog.

That goes for hot drinks and food also! If you leave some spilt crumbs lying around on your desk it can encourage prying doggy eyes to jump up when you are out of the room and knock off equipment that is sat on your desk.

COSY CORNER - Creating a comfy area for your dog to relax and hang out with you is very important, as it makes them feel safe and offers them your companionship even when you are busy focussing on replying to emails. One of our specially designed Doggy Den Beds is the perfect office companion for your pooch as it is so soft and ideal for burrowing.

It features our sumptuous memory foam crumb pillow cushion wrapped in a gorgeous fabric cover and a super-soft fleece to the inside. The top cover is gently curved which not only looks stylish, it is designed to allow room for your dog to lay their head on the edge of the bed while the rest of their body is under cover.

PLAY TIME - Dogs can spend hours entertaining themselves with a toy, throwing it up in the air and catching it, having a nibble or using it as a comfy pillow. They are great for keeping them mentally stimulated.

Many dogs, just like babies have a favourite toy and it's often used as a security blanket for them as it makes them feel safe.

Chews are also a great distraction as they can spend endless amounts of time chewing which is great for their teeth. We can highly recommend Greens and Wilds Antler dog chews  as they are high in natural minerals and nutrients which are great for improving circulation and metabolism, reduces cholesterol and aids the immune system. 

The best thing about them is that they have a low odour and don't stain, so it won't make your work environment smelly!

The Antlers have been 100% quality tested by Buster, Rocky and Barney giving it a 5* rating!

BREAKS AND LUNCHTIME - We are all guilty of getting too engrossed with work that we don't have the breaks that are required by law to ensure we stay refreshed and have a break away from staring at our computer screens. It is so important for our health and to stay stimulated and motivated.

Having a dog is a great excuse for a break and to get some fresh air in the garden. A light walk in the local park or some fun games such as ball games will keep your dog entertained, mentally active and happy ready for them to quietly settle down for the afternoon working session.

END OF WORK DAY When working from home it's so important to get into a working routine so that you finish work on time. It can sometimes be tempting to work a bit later when you are busy, but before you know it you are working late into the evening and you never switch off. It's not healthy and it's not productive!

It's vital that you separate work from home life, and having a pooch can help you do this.

An end of day walk is the perfect reward for you both to get some fresh air, clear your head, unwind and spend some quality time together. Plus it gives you and your paws something to look forward to.

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